Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morrocan royal family the classiest of all : Lalla Salma in Amsterdam , take two .

hello everyone!
Princess Lalla Salma keeps WOW-ing us with her stunning outfits !
Today at the inauguration of the new dutch king , king Willem , princess Lalla Salma wore a beautiful royal green velvet caftan , embellished with colorful embroideries , along with amazing traditional Moroccan jewelry , the belt and its matching necklace and earrings . just perfect !


Oh and i loooove the loubies !!!!

Mariam A.

Morrocan royal family the classiest of all : Lalla Salma in Amsterdam .

Hello everyone !
I'm  huge admirer of the Moroccan royal family's fashion sens , and style .
The royal ladies always amaze us with there stunning outfits , and once again Princess Lalla Salma -who attended yesterday a dinner at the National Museum (Rijksmuseum) in Amsterdam hosted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands on the eve of her abdication -, blew us away with a chic, simple, and flawless look , wearing a white lightly embroidered Moroccan caftan  . The surprise was that Lalla Salma wore a tiara for the first time since her wedding , which i think was adorable . She matched her tiara with the earrings and the belt .


I know i loved the whole look , what about you ???

Peace .
Mariam A.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cheap and Chic : Sales shopping mini haul

Hello Ladies!
How are you doing?
So last evening i went with my hubby to ' Mirdif City Center ' , our favorite mall in Dubai , to buy a treadmill . and of course  like every time we brought home some goodies ^_^ .
I saw a lot of people carrying shopping bags from Topshop so i went to see if they have any interesting promotions or sales , and indeed they had!!
My husband was looking for a jacket so we went to H&M and there i bought a cute  clutch .

Family photo :-p

I realy like my new Marc b. bag , and love how formal it looks !!
I'm not really into all the holographic trend ,but when i found this clutch at H&M for as low as 30 aed , decided to give it a try !

I just can't get enough of flat ballets.

If you're in UAE i highly recommend you to go check out the sales right now , to find sizes and also to get clean items .

Peace .

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My current diet .

Hello everybody ,
I've been very busy these days preparing for my first Abaya collection that will come out very soon inchallah , and noticed that i started neglecting heath by skipping meals and eating junk/fast food so i decided to take act and take the matters in hand and started a diet .(that too is keeping me busy ) 
My new diet is a combination between 2 programs : The Low GI Diet and a diet by Dr Jameel ALqudsi that consists of eating 5 meals a day , one with every prayer .
To keep track of what i eat , i post pics of every meal on my Instagram account . 
Here are some examples :

Diner, grilled chicken salad from Max burgers

Lunch : wholewheat pasta with zucchini, red bell pepper, tomato chunks and spinach + 1 stick of kebab+1tsp low fat white cheese with herbs. Pretty heavy but it's the most important meal for me.

Late night snack. Walkers sunbites and green tea with jasmine petals+camomile.

Launch : lentils soup, Arabic salad, and half a chicken Breast.

Midday snack : one tangerine

Breakfast : waitrose Wholegrain wheat flakes with added bran, raisins, coconut, banana, apple and hazelnuts with low fat milk.

Peace .

Thursday, April 18, 2013

'I by AIISHA' fashion show

Hello everyone ,
So , last Monday i was lucky enough to be part of an amazing fashion event , that is the Launch of the new high-end, Ready-to-Wear brand ‘I by Aiisha’. The first collection titled ‘Mirror’, composed of 42 looks, was revealed at a fashion show at the Infiniti Centre in Dubai. 
“’I by Aiisha’ represents a women’s individuality and evolution. With simplistic lines, statement colors and structured fit, this line suits women with differing needs, backgrounds and tastes,”  commented our beloved UAE based fashion designer AIISHA RAMADAN ...
I've always loved Aiisha's designs but this collection has my favorite element "simplicity" it's simple yet very detailed , the collection can be described  as , elegant , sexy , fun and chic ..
i took some photos backstage to share with you(sorry the quality isn't the best , took them with my phone !)

I fell in love with this belt the moment to saw it ! perfection , i want it in all colors hehe

In line with Aiisha Ramadan’s tradition of innovation and unique collaborations, ‘I by Aiisha’ was launched with a video campaign featuring a host of celebrities including beauty expert and TV presenter Joelle Mardinian, singer Asmaa Lmnawar, TV Presenter Mohamad Abu Obeid, Bollywood actor Arjan Bajwa and Aiisha Ramadan herself. Featuring their unique, personal opinions of how to define style,follow this link to watch the video:

The ‘Mirror’ collection will be in stores by August 2013.
To see the collection visit : http://www.aiisha.com/

Mariam A.  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fresh Start

Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog "In Her Abayas" ,
It's a new blog but I'm not a new blogger , my blogging journey started back in 2010 with "Me's Bubble' , i wanted to share with the world things that i love  especially fashion and beauty . 
3 years later , my blog wasn't representing my personality anymore , i started getting less passionate about it , i was just not feeling it anymore..
So , i decided to start anew and create a new blog that i called "In Her Abayas" that i hope will be a space for "New Mariam" to show and share all the beauty in this world with you . 
I hope you'll join me in my new adventure ...

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