Thursday, April 25, 2013

My current diet .

Hello everybody ,
I've been very busy these days preparing for my first Abaya collection that will come out very soon inchallah , and noticed that i started neglecting heath by skipping meals and eating junk/fast food so i decided to take act and take the matters in hand and started a diet .(that too is keeping me busy ) 
My new diet is a combination between 2 programs : The Low GI Diet and a diet by Dr Jameel ALqudsi that consists of eating 5 meals a day , one with every prayer .
To keep track of what i eat , i post pics of every meal on my Instagram account . 
Here are some examples :

Diner, grilled chicken salad from Max burgers

Lunch : wholewheat pasta with zucchini, red bell pepper, tomato chunks and spinach + 1 stick of kebab+1tsp low fat white cheese with herbs. Pretty heavy but it's the most important meal for me.

Late night snack. Walkers sunbites and green tea with jasmine petals+camomile.

Launch : lentils soup, Arabic salad, and half a chicken Breast.

Midday snack : one tangerine

Breakfast : waitrose Wholegrain wheat flakes with added bran, raisins, coconut, banana, apple and hazelnuts with low fat milk.

Peace .


  1. good luck for your abaya collection, i'm so excited!!! and good luck for the healthy diet too ;)

  2. Ur diet looks awesome n I hope to follow u en sha Allah ...n I wear abaya too so jus cant wait to see wat u got in abaya collections n perhaps I may evn be ur customer lol xxx en sha Allah ....

    1. ooh thanks sweety you comment made my day !!^_^


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