Wednesday, May 29, 2013

♥ Giveaway Reminder : Win this Dior Vernis "Bird of Paradise" Duo ♥

Hello ladies!
My dear friend , Dubai Fashionista is celebrating her blog relaunch by having a great giveaway !
She's giving away the amazing Dior Vernis "Bird of Paradise" Summer Collection duo in Samba (Sea Blue and Shimmering Peacock Feather Green).
I love these nail polishes , so i entered , then i said that would be great if my dear readers get also the chance to win them !!
I know , i'm a little late because there's only 2 days left to enter ! sorry! but hey better late than never!!!

Visit Dubai Fashionista to see all the details of how you can enter ! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

♥ What's in my Travel makeup bag ?♥

Hello ladies ! how are you doing?
last weekend was my husband's birthday ,so we went on a little trip to Ras Al Khaima and Oman .
We had a great weekend exploring new places in uae and we enjoyed the region of Khasab in the Sultanate of Oman .
of course i had to take some beauty products with me , here they are !

 As you can see i didn't take a foundation , but i took my favorite primer , PoreFessionnal by Benefit . I put after sunscreen and it evens out my skin and covers the pore , just what i need on a summer day !

 The picture speaks for itself! Hitting the bottom of a product is the best proof of love!
The Rimmel Stay matte powder as been for years my favorite , i use it on the days i don't feel like wearing foundation , it doesn't cover buy it gives a nice velvety finish to the skin , and it's super light weight .


 Also one of my all time favorite , my Estée Lauder face trio that consists of a matte bronzer , a brush and a shimmer powder . a great palette for contouring and/or bronzing my face.


 A coral blush from Cargo Cosmetics , in the color "The Big Easy"

 Beauty on the go single palette by elf Studio . It's super light weight , has all the natural colors that i love and has the most beautiful blush , what more can i ask for ! i don't like the lip colors though !

 This Eye pencil from Cargo Cosmetics in the color " 02 Brown" is my go too eye pencil when i like defined , but not bold eyes . a must have !

 A mini Hypnose mascara that i keep in my handbag .

 I only took 2 Brushes , a contouring brush from Sensi professional  that i use for all face makeup and a double ended eyeshadow brush from Studio Basics . Just the necessary .

 Wet n Wild lipstick in the color "think pink". 

And last but not least , the Juicy lip balm by Wet n Wild . i love everything about this lip balm , it smell soooo yummy , has SPF15, and is super motorizing . 

So these are the makeup products i took with me on my weekend trip , i usually take a lot more than that ! 
I hope you liked this post , if you do please share it and comment down bellow  and tell me what are the products you always bring with you on trips ? 

Mariam A.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Luxury ballerinas with an ethnic twist by Yasmina Naji

Hello Ladies !
how are you doing??

So a few weeks ago i was surfing/gossiping :-p on Instagram (follow me : inherabayas) , and i came across this account with a lot of photos of shoes , Flat ballet shoes ....MY Favorites ! 

I fell in love immediately ....

The brand is called " ي ن " the initials of its designer's name Yasmina Naji , a 22 years old Lebanese social occasion Ballerina designer .

'YN' was launched in 2012 , and since then Yasmina has become known for her unique mixture of various cultures; stretching from the elegant European styles to the exotic fabrics, the vast Arab Desert while always maintaining a unique Middle Eastern touch. Inspired by beautiful things, Yasmina enjoys the challenge of making each woman who wears her designs feel special.

Yasmina explains, “I work hard to create social occasion pieces that awaken the positive, daring feelings that everyday woman desires. There’s something about wearing gorgeous shoes that allows a woman to live out her most charming dreams. Every woman deserves to feel special."

'YN' presented 2 collection so far , the INDIAN collection and the ARABESQUE collection ,which is my favorite.
These are the pieces that i liked from the ARABESQUE collection , you can fin the full collection on the website Here :




The prices of these beautiful , and elegant Ballerina flats range between 125$ and 200$ .

I'm a flat shoes lover and i really love the whole idea of these ballerinas , cute and elegant , and also durable because they're made of genuine leather , what more can we ask for ? 

So what about you ? do you like them or you prefer high heels ?

Mariam A.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 things you need to know about Argan oil ?

What is Argan oil ?

Moroccan Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the rare argan tree which grows in the south western part of morocco.
The Argan tree grows wild and is listed as an endangered species under the protection of UNESCO.
organic argan oil uae

There are two types of Argan oil , the edible food grade and the cosmetic grade.both very rich in vitamins and fats , as It has twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in anti-oxidants ,and contains eight essential fatty acids including Omega 6.

What are the benefits of Argan oil ?

The culinary Argan has medicinal properties such as :
decreasing cholesterol levels, stimulating circulation and strengthening the body’s immune system. ...
The cosmetic Argan oil has endless benefits among them :
  • It regenerates the skin by restarting vital functions of cells .
  • Stop premature aging and fight wrinkles .
  • Hydrates and absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy residue .
  • Helps heal irritant and inflammatory lesions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis due to its soothing and antimicrobial properties.
  • Helps balance the skin’s pH and regulate (over) production of sebum (oil) .
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin which helps preventing and reducing the appearance of stretch marks .
  • Moisturizes, softens, and protects the hair without leaving greasy build-up, as well as helps it grow.
  • Strengthen the nails and softens the cuticles .

What are the differences between the culinary and the cosmetic Argan oil ?
  •  To produce the culinary Argan oil , the seeds have to be roasted to give a rich aroma and a delicious nutty smell , where the cosmetic Argan oil is made from seeds in their natural state  .
  •  The Culinary Argan oil has a pretty strong nutty smell ( like peanut butter) , the cosmetic grade also has a smell of nuts but  very light and doesn't linger on  for a long time  . if your Argan oil has no smell then it has obviously been chemically deodorized .
  •  The cosmetic Argan oil is bright golden yellow and silky smooth , and the culinary one has a lighter texture and is more orange-ish than yellow ( Moroccan women like to add a tiny bit of paprika to it ) .

Why is the cosmetic Argan oil more expensive than the culinary one ?

  The extraction of Argan oil is a labor-intensive task perfected by the Berber women with a millstone.(it takes a few days to produce one liter). 
Roasting the Argan seeds before pressing them not only makes the extraction of the oil easier but also help produce  more of it .
While cold pressing the seeds is harder and very time consuming  , which make the cosmetic Argan oil more expansive than the culinary one .

How should i preserve my Argan oil ?

Argan oil is very sensitive to heat and light , it's best to be kept in a dark place in room temperature .

So now you know what you need to know before buying your bottle of Argan oil, if you'd like to know more leave me a comment I'll all answer your questions with great pleasure .

Mariam A.

(my source of information for this article are Moroccan professionals in the field of Argan oil , and the internet (dah!) )

Friday, May 17, 2013

TAG : ♥ Colours of the Rainbow ♥

Hello Ladies!
This post is going to the "Colors of the rainbow" that the super cool Youtuber TalkBeckyTalk  created.
So basically you take all the colors of the rainbow an then you pick you favorite beauty product or fashion piece that is in each color . The colors of the rainbow are : RED YELLOW GREEN BLUE ORANGE INDIGO VIOLET but for a little bit more of fun we'll add PINK and a MULTICOLOR ITEM ! 
I hope you enjoy this tag !


The Body Shop Stawberry set
The Body Shop Stawberry set


Amber Romance  Victoria's Secret
Amber Romance body mist from Victoria's Secret


Vanilla Lace Victoria's Secret
Vanilla Lace body cream from Victoria's Secret


Clinique Liquid facial soap
The best facial cleanser in the world : Clinique Liquid facial soap


This Candle smells exactly like clean laundry ! i love it 1


Printed denim dress from GAP . I love it for summer !


I just loooooove this cute Purse and carry it wherever i go !


The latest addition to my perfume collection , i got it as a gift from my brother-in-law's wife so thank you Dudu !! ^_^


my Coastal scent smokey palette . a must have !

I TAG you lovely beautystas and fashionistas to do it too !


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My interview on "Dubai Fashionista"

I have an immense pleasure to be the "Fashionista of the week " on the amazing fashion blog Dubai Fashionista , i had so much fun amswering all the questions , i hope you'll enjoy reading the full interview !!

fashionista of the week

Mariam A.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Wella Koleston Color-Intense Foam review

Hello Ladies ! how are you doing??
So , 3 days ago i posted on Instagram that i wanted to go for a dip-dye hair , and got this hair dye : 

The next day i wake up hating the idea!! (stupid hormones!!!)
No only that , i hated my highlights that were getting fade and very unattractive!
so i went and exchanged the dye with this color :

 so , basically what you have to do is to mix liquid 1 with liquid 2 and give the mix a good shake then apply it on your hair and leave it for 40 min then rinse it and put the colors enhancing mask .

The color payoff  is just amazing , it covered all the highlighted locks perfectly .(I'm a brunette again!!)
My hair feels very soft after using the hair mask .

The smell is just TOXIC !! And it lingers on the hair even after drying it .
It burned my eyes a little , so i suggest you wear glasses to protect your eyes.

Overall , i really like this hair dye , and give it a 9/10 . 
I'll post an update on my Instagram in 2 weeks or so , to let you know if the color is still good or faded way .

And you what's your favorite hair dye??

Mariam A.
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