Friday, May 17, 2013

TAG : ♥ Colours of the Rainbow ♥

Hello Ladies!
This post is going to the "Colors of the rainbow" that the super cool Youtuber TalkBeckyTalk  created.
So basically you take all the colors of the rainbow an then you pick you favorite beauty product or fashion piece that is in each color . The colors of the rainbow are : RED YELLOW GREEN BLUE ORANGE INDIGO VIOLET but for a little bit more of fun we'll add PINK and a MULTICOLOR ITEM ! 
I hope you enjoy this tag !


The Body Shop Stawberry set
The Body Shop Stawberry set


Amber Romance  Victoria's Secret
Amber Romance body mist from Victoria's Secret


Vanilla Lace Victoria's Secret
Vanilla Lace body cream from Victoria's Secret


Clinique Liquid facial soap
The best facial cleanser in the world : Clinique Liquid facial soap


This Candle smells exactly like clean laundry ! i love it 1


Printed denim dress from GAP . I love it for summer !


I just loooooove this cute Purse and carry it wherever i go !


The latest addition to my perfume collection , i got it as a gift from my brother-in-law's wife so thank you Dudu !! ^_^


my Coastal scent smokey palette . a must have !

I TAG you lovely beautystas and fashionistas to do it too !



  1. Love the idea sweetie!!! I have the Amber Romance this is one of my fav VS scent <3 This Body Shop strawberry set looks yummy!!! Cute dress as you said it's perfect for summer!!! great post, great pics, thx for tagging me, I'm doing it very soon ;)

  2. Wowwwy ... supercool this is n d maxi is so oo la laa xx lovin it :* good job ♡♥♡

  3. ohhh thank you baby for tagging me,, i love the idea and do it very soon

  4. thanks for the tag! will do it soon inshallah! <3

  5. Sallam alaikum sister! :) I just came across your blog and saw this tag
    Seemed like a ton of fun so I decided to do it as well :)


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