Friday, May 3, 2013

Wella Koleston Color-Intense Foam review

Hello Ladies ! how are you doing??
So , 3 days ago i posted on Instagram that i wanted to go for a dip-dye hair , and got this hair dye : 

The next day i wake up hating the idea!! (stupid hormones!!!)
No only that , i hated my highlights that were getting fade and very unattractive!
so i went and exchanged the dye with this color :

 so , basically what you have to do is to mix liquid 1 with liquid 2 and give the mix a good shake then apply it on your hair and leave it for 40 min then rinse it and put the colors enhancing mask .

The color payoff  is just amazing , it covered all the highlighted locks perfectly .(I'm a brunette again!!)
My hair feels very soft after using the hair mask .

The smell is just TOXIC !! And it lingers on the hair even after drying it .
It burned my eyes a little , so i suggest you wear glasses to protect your eyes.

Overall , i really like this hair dye , and give it a 9/10 . 
I'll post an update on my Instagram in 2 weeks or so , to let you know if the color is still good or faded way .

And you what's your favorite hair dye??

Mariam A.


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