Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TAG : My top5 Favorite Youtube Channels

Hello Ladies!
yeeey i'm back!!
and as a comeback post i want to share with you my top 5 favorite youtubers ...
They aren't necessarily beauty or fashion related but they're definitely my favorite !
I'm subscribed to more than 100 YouTube channel but i only watch like 5 or 6 of them regularly .

I never miss a single video of the Beauty Broadcast !
Emily Noel is just amazing , she has the most simple and applicable makeup tutorials , very trustworthy reviews , we have the same skin type so it's whenever i like a products she uses or reviewed i just go and grab it without having to over search about it , and what i love the most about her is her lovely attitude , no showing off please !

Mayya is a beautiful Omani youtuber and blogger , who i love and respect very much .
She makes the most beautiful Hijab tutorials , most inspirational videos to which i can relate being a muslimah , and her DIY are so easy and useful ! 

Elsa is a French Youtuber that I've been watching for almost 2 years, I've witnessed her progress and admired her transparency in some vlogs , she's an amazing beauty guru and a very inspiring person her you'll love her!

I heard about Ouga from my sister Sophia , at first i was just curious to see a Moroccan youtuber doing beauty and fashion videos in English , but  a couple videos later  i subscribed to her channel and became a regular viewer ....

The only boy in the list , Youssef is THE funniest comedian on youtube , yes i said it! the best!
and if you're a middle eastern then you'll enjoy it a 1000 time more ! just watch it !


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  1. welcome back sweetie, missed your posts!!! love this one very interesting, thx for sharing, didn't know about this Moroccan youtuber but will definitely check her video out...
    thx for the tag, doing it soon :)


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