Tuesday, September 24, 2013

October 2013 Wishlist


  1. We would love that Lorac palette too! Just found your blog and followed on GFC. Hope u will return the favor and follow ours too! www.twentythirtyglam.blogspot.com
    We hope you reach all of your blogging goals!!!! :)))

  2. j'adore la new wishlist!!! the bow bracelet is also on mine mais je refuse de l'acheter ici a ce prix lol love the Nike, the bag is cute. yeah iphone 5 tu vas enfin pouvoir profiter d covers ;)
    bon pour le makeup not sure you really need more palettes but we always want more, right?

  3. thank you sweetie for stopping by !!
    remember the bracelet we saw it together in dubai mall i'm thinking about getting it online , but not sure yet , for the make up i know i don't need any more palettes but i like this one , maybe in a couple months but not now ^_^


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