Friday, October 4, 2013

September Favorites , 2013

Hello Ladies !
Here i am back with my favorite things of September 2013 .
I wish i could do more of "month favorites " posts but i'm just too lazy for that ..sorry !
well this is going to be a mix of what i enjoyed eating , drinking , watching , using ...this last September :

Favorite beauty products: 


This is my third tube of this sunscreen , i love it my skin loves it and we're all happy ! 

I've seen a lot of blog posts and videos of people raving about this lip butter , so I bought it to see if it is worth all the hype ... an i have to say that it is !
it is amazing ! It makes my lips soft and keeps them soft for a long time .

I'm not trying to promote my product here , but i truly have been enjoying using this Moor Beauty Lemon scrub , it makes my skin clean and smooth and smelling good .

Favorite accessories :

How adorable are my new sunnies from Dubai fashionista shop !?
I've been wearing these everyday since the day my dear friend Lalla loub the owner of "Dubai fashionista shop " ,gifted them to me , they just make me happy ! 

Favorite food :


I'm obsessed with the Ceres juices ! they're so yummy , without sugar added and 100% natural !
I like drinking them as they are or using them to make smoothies , they're sweet enough so i don't need to as sugar . 

a couple weeks ago i had a digestive problem and was looking for some herbs that could calm downs the stomach pain so picked this Twinings herbal tea up  at the supermarket .
This is good stuff , i swear it is really good it helped with my stomachache immediately. so now it is my everyday favorite tea ^_^

 Favorite Music :

This not exactly a music but I've been listening to this radio station a lot lately .

Favorite Tv shows :

I heard somewhere that this show is going to be the next "desperate housewives " , and it has a big chance to have a huge success among lady viewers . i like it , it has the scheming / lies /suspense elements just like DH which is just perfect !

The critics say that this is the worst tv show of this season . I just love it !!
maybe i have bad taste but i don't care this is a great funny show , the cast is fantastic , the jokes are hilarious and i hope it won't be cancelled .

SO , these are my favorites of this month , do you like any of these things ? 
! What are you loving  this month?

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  1. yeah!!! another great post <3
    je suis pas fan d labello lip balm mais ce lip butter a l'air pas mal...
    i'm so in love with the Moor Beauty lemon scrub, c vrai que ca rend la peau super douce!!!
    hehe glad you like your sunglasses sweetie :)
    love your blog, want daily post like those!!!


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