Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tag : My First Time

Hello ladies !
I enjoyed watching many videos of this tag on youtube an i though it would be great idea to do it too ^_^
  So i chose some questions that i found appropriate to answer .

First best friend :
I met my first best friend the first day of 1st grade , her name was Mariam too so we connected thinking that just because we have the same name , we'll be bff forever LOL ..
Now we are still friends on facebook we speak from time to time .

First celebrity crush :
I can't tell if it was David Boreanaz or Antonio Banderas...

First pet :
A couple of bunnies , me and my sister Hajar loved them so much that we made a wedding for them !

First phone : 

My parents got me my first cellphone in 1999 , it was an ERİCSSON GF768 .
i was still in middle school and having a cellphone was a super cool thing back then , especially if it was bright yellow ! lol

First person i thought about today :
My sister Sophia .

First grad teacher :
How can i forget her ! Her name was Mme Lehlou and she was an amazing teacher and person i loved her and admired her .

First airplane trip :
 from Casablanca To Dubai  with my husband .

First foreign country i visited :
Belgium .

First time you went to the movies :
It was in France , and the movie was The 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas again ! lol ).

First roommate : 
My sisters i guess ...

First sport i was involved in : 
Basket ball , i loved it so much i wish i could start playing again ...

First thing i do when i get home :
I remove my watch and accessories .

So that's it!
 If you're looking for an easy fun post, then consider yourself tagged ! 

Mariam A. 

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