Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dubai Bloggers Meet and Greet ..

Hello ladies!
Happy new year!
Wow that was a pretty hectic   interesting year!!.. It had its ups and downs, joys and moments of sadness but "tout EST Bien qui finit Bien "(All's Well That Ends Well) alhamdolillah!

Yesterday was one of the best days of 2013 , alhamdollillah then thanks to the beautiful Mara Mostafa and Dr . Deanna Khalil ,the two gorgeous lady bloggers who thought of the genius idea of hosting a 'Meet and Greet" for some of the best bloggers from UAE , GCC and from all around the world !

The event took place at the Dubai Ladies club, on a perfect December afternoon..... Great weather, beautiful venue and exceptional company, the perfect combo that makes "good time"
I'm so glad I finally met some my favorite bloggers and YouTubers  that I've been following and watching for a long time, but I'm even happier because I made new friends..

Without further ado these are some pictures I took, I wanted to take more but I was too busy chatting  with all those beautiful ladies I met.....

The setting was very simple and elegant, in the open air with a beautiful sea view.

The event was sponsored by a variety of innovative new companies ...

and many more ...

Mara mustafa and  Deaanna  khalil  "hostess with the mostest."s

Rozan Ahmed the founder of Bougi 
This woman is the real deal !!

Well i hope you enjoyed this "little" report about "Dubai Bloggers meet and greet" event, and talk to you soon inchallah !

Peace .
Mariam Ahmed .


  1. looks perfect!!! once again so bad i couldn't make it :( but thx for the report ;)

  2. It was indeed a great afternoon spent with amazing women, so glad Deanna and Mara made it happen. So glad i met you and looking forward to the next event in sha Allah.

  3. Hey Mariam!!!
    You have an amazing blog,Love your posts.
    I'm a beauty blogger from India who recently moved to Dubai and would love to meet up and interact with you. I miss all my blogger friends back home but absolutely delighted at the idea of making new friends in the Dubai's bloggers community.
    Do check out my blog www.beautyandblog.com


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