Monday, August 7, 2017

My Visit to "Shabarbush" restaurant

Yesterday we were invited to this new  super cool restaurant  "Shabarbush" , in Al Mamzar beach Dubai .
Now what an interesting name is "Shabarbush" ! well , it's derived from the name "Shephered's bush " the famous district in London so very loved by Arabs .

The cool eccentrically decorated restaurant promises to bring the London favors to Dubai with their carefully selected dishes .

First let's talk about the decor ; Just amazing , like never seen before with all the beautiful grafitis , little souvenirs from the UK and those beautiful comfortable leather sofas , just perfect for chilling with friends , but my favorite thing were the low tables , stunning hard unfinished wood {i want this at home }.

The second great thing is the location , it's in Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai , therefore it's pretty close for people coming from Sharjah and Ajman . [it took us 20-25 minutes to arrive from Ajman]

Now let's talk food 
We went for breakfast and this is what we ordered :

Mashroom-mania :
A nice slice of sourdough bread with pesto sauce, 2 poached eggs ,portobello mashroom
and feta cheese .
A pretty rich dish for breakfast , the eggs well perfectly cooked and the mushroom was delish!
I give it an : A 

Sausage and eggs on toast :
A sourdough slice dipped in olive oil , with avocado , lamb sausage and 2 poached eggs 
My husband gave this a B , he finds the combination of olive oil , avocado ans sausage too heavy .

Now for the sweet part :

Sticky saucey dates with butterscotch and vanilla ice cream 
So so sweet and yummy , you can taste the dates and that butterscotch and ice cream combo is divine !
we give it a well deserved A+

Last but not least the service was very good , the staff is very nice and welcoming and deserves an A+.

You can find "Shabarbush" on Instagram @Shabarbush

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